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Pokerstars Poker struck, and Best Cake Poker for U.S. players

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Pokerstars , struck Poker and Cake Poker for the best players from France

PokerStars PokerStars Review Click here to

Summary PokerStars 9 / 10

PokerStars has a reputation longtime setting very competitive player in the world. Because of all this site which is increasing the competitive advantage diluted a bit, but everything you find the best competition on this site.

Software: 10/10>

area located on the most on this site. Currently, PokerStars offers a first deposit bonus up to 0 and they also include reload bonuses up to 20%. When you play with real money players can earn frequent player points and as you grow, you can start looking in the VIP club and use these points to play the tables of money.

Customer Support

8 / 10

special bonuses and promotions 10/10> Customer Support


Click here for Cake Poker Cake Poker Cake Poker Summary;> 8 / 10

Player Contest 7 / 10 10/10 Software Promotions & Special 9 / 10

Returning to the festival and is promotions and special bonuses Cake is given away. Firstly, they have an offer for 110% first deposit for new players. Make this account in real money, you can buy chips and receive your bonus up to 0. Nice !!!!!. They also 0-No rolls for new applicants. You can not really say they want you to join. In addition to this they also have gold card / smart gold developments to be able to win the, 000 jackpot. Finally, they have a promotion called cake sharing where you can get rewards monthly recurring to tell your people to join as well. With all these give a way, I do not see why you have not already joined.

Customer Support

8 / 10

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