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PKR Poker in the world of the most Revolutionary Online Poker Software

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PKR Poker in the world of the most Revolutionary Online Poker Software

PKR poker before like you’ve never seen a poker experience provided.This brilliant site offers games such as Texas’, pot limit and no limit variations of each game they hold. In addition, small head and offer a full ring play games with their hands in the hands of many different levels. As many tournaments, sit and go six and ten seats, multi-table tournaments for players to five thousand, over the heads of the competition with PKR Internet provides complete, multi-table tournament, small hands, the satellite tournaments and offer places on earth award as the world’s largest tournament-based.

They also offer several daily free roll of PKR and unique events like Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly as the well-known Bounty Tournament players with a lot. PKR is also a tournament that you through your PKR points to buy booster allow competition Point provides the opportunity seriously and is on the issue of PKR.

PKR poker in the world of the most revolutionary online poker software: hands down. The art video game system and graphics options equal to their unique set of state with. The slow pace of the game for a small, but makes it a memorable gaming experience offered by the site is outweighed by.

8 Views House! It is right your PKR poker players the option to switch between camera views to provide. Not only a player, but an aerial view of the table can use a North, South, East, and West or to see to talk and even the first person to see a May go-PKR online poker in the world punish me! PKR Poker also an embodiment of the generator is similar to the Sims game.

The software also allows PKR like a real game player ‘price’. Dancing with the option drums fingers laugh there with a sense for nearly any situation is a button. Each player you can use three chips on the go, and other options with a variety of online and anywhere in the world, such as a card to find a hole to appear comes equipped.

3D in mind the next Poker the facilities offered by the poker room with the environment are to offer. Different environment from a wonderful 6, Monte Carlo, Cruise, Las Vegas, Las Vegas high roller, paradise island, including the time and have to choose one.

PKR, but, to play on, the fantastic advantage is the fact that you will meet people from around the world – or even a new friend of poker “can make new friends.” You too, you PKR events around the world more qualified to play in May of the PKR is used for all the forums. See for yourself – you will not be disappointed! Read the full article PKR Poker Review.

Pokerstars Real Money Version

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Pokerstars Real Money Version

Pokerstars is the largest online poker room, where a player plays poker with players of other regions online. Unlike conventional poker, here opponents won’t be situated in a bar or casino, but could be in some other country. All poker players gather online and play in an online poker room. In order to play Pokerstars, you should have a stable internet connection and a excellent computer with a genuine operating system installed.

Pokerstars real money version is quite useful and beneficial. Though there are other sites that allow you to play for free, you will benefit more only if you play with real money. Minimum amount required to play Pokerstars real money version is for every game. There are a few games that require more than as deposit. Cash out and payment of money at pokerstars depends on the country from which a player is playing game. When a player wins a game on Pokerstars money will be sent to that player within a few business days.

Amount of money a player is handling is vital at Pokerstars. Amount a player chooses should be minimal. It should be able to serve a player at least for a day or for a week. Playing Pokerstars is convincing because here you can find soft opponents. Erratic choice making at small tables is to be watched out for at Pokerstars. Most of the players fall victims at this stage and loose all their money. At pokerstars you can play sit and go tournaments. All these tournaments allow you to earn more money within less time.

Buy in of pokerstars tournament is around 5 and the first prize is around 0,000. Pokerstars is the best place to play large buy in tournaments. Everything is real at pokerstars. All bonuses of pokerstars are real, there are real money ring tables at poker stars and you can deposit money into pokerstars directly from your bank account.

Top 5 Rakeback Deals Online

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Top 5 Rakeback Deals Online

More and more poker sites are offering rakeback to their players. They have finally grasped that for too long they were coining so much profits that it was now time to reward their players loyalty by giving them rakeback.

I have scoured the internet to find the current top 5 rakeback deals available on the internet today.

1. Victory Poker 40%
Victory Poker is one of the newest poker rooms on the market and has started a strong marketing campaign and also offering 40% rakeback to all of its players. Rakeback payments are paid directly into your poker accounts every Monday for the previous weeks play, as is the same with all skins on the Everleaf Network. Professionals poker players who are signed up to Victory poker include seasoned High Stakes poker veteran  Antonio Esfandiari, Tom Dwans best pal,  Andrew ‘good2cu’ Robl and defected Doyles 10 player Alec ‘traheho’ Torelli. Their sponsored player list also includes 2007 playmate of the year Sarah Jane Underwood. Not too shabby!!

2. Minted Poker 40%
Minted Poker is also on the Everleaf Network. As for all Everleaf network skins, you will receive 40% rakeback. Again similar to Victory, rakeback gets paid directly into your account every Monday for the previous weeks action. Minted uses the contributed method which means that the looser players will generate more rakeback then the tight nit who only plays the nuts!  Tournament entry fees are also included in Monthly yucky rake. The best thing about this site is that all the promotional work that Victory poker are doing can only benefit Minted as it will drastically increase the numbers of traffic to their ring cash games and tournaments, which before was the major negative about the site. 

3. Cellsino Poker 40%
Cellsino is also part of the Everleaf Network. As you may have guessed form this article, Everleaf Network are using a very aggressive rakeback promotion policy to try and win over customers from the established players such as Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Cake Network. The reason they reckon they can do this is by the software they offer which is a match with if not better than the current Poker stars software and also not far behind Full Tilts innovative software style.

4. Stout Bet Poker 40%
Stout Bet Poker is a member of the Melita Gaming Network and offers a huge 40% in rakeback. Stout Bet was originally on the Poker Nexus network but went to Melita in October 2009. Rake is paid bi-monthly and the rake periods are broken down from the first day to the 15th of the month and from the 16th to the last day of the month.Melita is a well respected brand and the company is registered in Malta. The traffic is low at off peak European times but the competition is very soft. The main attractions of this site bar the 40% rakeback is the security it offers due to its parent company Melita Telecommunications which is known all over Italy and Main land Europe.

5. Carbon Poker 35%

Rakeback offered at Carbon is 35%. Carbon  is one of the few sites that automatically pays your rakeback into your Carbon account daily. They use the contributed rakeback method when calculating your rakeback so they this means the more pots you play in, the more rakeback you earn. Take that Nits! Carbon is part of the Merge gaming network, which also hosts Players Only Poker room. Plase note that Merge only allows you to sign up for one rakeback account for the Network, so you have to make sure you go with the site which have the better reputation and in my opinion that would have to be Carbon.

Please note that Betfair poker offer 40% rakeback if you rake £1500 or more a month which can easily be attainable and is by the far the safest and most respected of all the sites mentioned above.


Buy Real Money on Pokerstars

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Buy Real Money on Pokerstars

Pokerstars is a real money poker website that offers online poker services to customers. Pokerstars is a legal website with an address in San Jose, Costa Rica. Here,you can play with real poker players just by sitting at your home. Buy real money pokerstars and it will give you unobstructed success within a small span of time. You can buy real money pokerstars directly from your bank. Customers can buy real money pokerstars for cash instead of using their credit card. People can buy or sell pokerstars real money chips online.

It is an online poker room but not a casino. This means that you can play with players but not with the house. You need not buy any money in pokerstars. All you have to do is to deposit money. Pokerstars receives money from players in the form of deposits. Pokerstars charge as their fee. The rake never exceeds 5 dollars, it is always below or equal to 5. Sometimes lower cash limits pokerstars takes rake from players. All account balances and player’s personal details are stored on a highly secure server.

Players who win at pokerstars can take their redressal about money issues to the Deposit Help Department if need be. If a customer’s deposit is declined or refused, a pop up box appears on pokerstars website. In this pop up box, a customer can enter his or her mobile number and a time that is convenient for the pokerstars customer service agents to contact. Once a customer enters all these details, a customer service agent calls and settles the problem.

Pokerstars manages customer deposits and also sets limits over them. It provides a limit and budget to customers, and helps them to place small money into pokerstars. This poker room offers genuine poker bonuses to customers. It offers 100% bonus up to . Pokerstars offers this bonus using the pokerstars marketing code. It also offers time to time bonuses to regular players.

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Sportsbook Poker Code

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Sportsbook Poker Code is owned by Jassy Sports Events Limited, located in Valletta, Malta. has been leading the online gaming industry since 1996. The company is fully licensed by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles on the island of Curacao. At this time, the poker room is open only to US based customers.We’re not trying to say this site offers a soft field, but reckon about this: Sportsbook is frequented by millions of Americans who delight in wagering on sports. These are the people you are going to find at the tables. By the way, also lets you play blackjack and other casino games while you play poker.

Promotions and Bonus Information

All you have to do is use the NWP special bonus code when signing up to Poker, and you will receive the exclusive 100% up to 00 bonus. Be sure to download Poker using the NWP special link (above). All bonuses and corresponding deposits must be wagered 4 times before the bonus can be withdrawn. For example, if you deposit 0 and get a bonus, you will need to make wagers totaling 00 before you can withdraw your bonus. Once you have wagered the required minimum, the bonus amount will then be available for withdrawal.

Poker Traffic

Cake Poker network has grown quick since launch, and it climbs ever closer to the top ten positions in the poker traffic toplists. During peak hours (usually around 7 PM PT), there are always ring-games available at most levels, and the tournaments are very well visited.

Software & Graphics

The software was made and developed by the Cake Poker network, which during the time of beta testing used the feedback by the players to make one of the most innovative programs to hit the industry as of late. SportsBook Poker provides lightening quick speed, brilliant graphics and stability. Players will have all the available options and features centrally located in the main lobby. Statistics are available and provide the standard information such as % of players seeing a flop, and average pot size among others. We mentioned previously that the room supports a tournament monitor. This tool provides you with current information of each upcoming tournament as well as the number of players, prize pool and buy-in. It’s a fantastic small addition to keep track of any upcoming overlays. The tables are nicely designed and feature 3 dimensional characters with a layout that replicates a real card room. All of the information you will need while playing a game is located in the note taking box including game stats, your own stats and note taking. Multi-tabling is available, with up to four games in play at once. A few other features include, pre-set betting options, four colour decks, preferred seating and the ability to change your username once every 7 days.

Game Variety and Tournament

SportsBook Poker is a USA only poker room and because of this they have been able to see significant growth over the last year. The poker room, which is now supporting over 7,500 ring game players, provides the standard game selection consisting of Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo. They do show 7 Card in the game lobby; but these games have to be offered. The main focus is on Texas Holdem NL and PL variations. Poker offers stakes starting at .05/.10 and increasing to 0/0 with each of the levels active during peak hours. Rake is taken at the industry standard of 5% capped at per hand.

Sportsbook Poker Deposit and Cash out Methods does not offer a wide array of depositing methods. Currently only two options are offered but they have one of the highest accepting rates for credit cards in the industry.They also offer a cash transfer which you will need to speak with online support for details.’s minimum deposit is with a cap of 00 per day. Using the electronic funds transfer enable you a 10% cash bonus.Withdraws are done through a cashier’s check with minimum amount being and maximum at 00 per request. The cashiers cheques take 2-3 weeks for arrival and are delivered through a courier service. If your request is over 00 you will have your payments sent through priority mail. In my opinion, Sportsbook Poker is using probably the best withdrawal methods in the industry: Fedex check and direct checking account payments. I reckon that receiving money directly to checking account is much simpler, especially for those who plays during the night. You can either receive your payouts via ACH, or request a paper check sent through one of courier services delivering to your area.

Customer Service

Customer support is only available through email and online support. Response time is excellent with players questions or concerns being handled efficiently and in a timely manner.

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