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Devilfish Poker Rakeback – the Offerings and Its Benefits

October 16th, 2010

Devilfish Poker Rakeback – the Offerings and Its Benefits

The online poker affiliate Devilfish Poker is a known name in the online poker world. Along with the poker rooms and other common poker offerings, it also offers few special goodies for members. If you are one of the members of Devilfish poker, then you should surely avail (that is, if you haven’t yet) the benefits of the devilfish poker rakeback.

What’s poker rakeback?

The term rakeback is nothing but, the cash-backs offered by the poker rooms (online) through a third party, which usually is a rakeback affiliate. Each time you play poker online, a small part of your pots is held back by the online poker room as a fee to your participation. This small amount is called the rake. The small amount may seem trivial during every turn. But, over a time the cumulative sum of the rake amounts to be quite a hefty figure!

Let’s say, you play 20000 games in a year (the assumption is much lesser than what an average poker player really plays!). Calculating with a rake of 10 cents per game, your total rake amount per year accounts to 00!

Poker rakeback is an affiliate program where the poker player is given back some percentage of the rake. The rakeback percentage varies with different affiliates. Devilfish poke rakeback varies anywhere from 27% to 60%. So, if you are enrolled on to an affiliate that offers 35% rakeback, you would save 0 of the 00 rake (calculated earlier in the example). Along with the rakeback, some of the affiliates offer other goodies like discounts on poker rooms, special bonuses and so on.

There are many devilfish poker rakeback offering varied percentage of rakeback and other add-ons. Make a thorough analysis of various affiliates- their offerings and benefits before narrowing down to one of them. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the affiliates too. Do not let go off this privilege and do avail to devilfish poker rakeback to augment your savings.

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