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Full tilt rakeback – How to make the most of it?

October 27th, 2010

Full tilt rakeback – How to make the most of it?

If you have not signed the Full Tilt rakeback program, then you’re missing a excellent part of your money, which could have been saved otherwise. It is a simple process that requires the use ie you, sign up for Full Tilt rakeback -. Next each time you play on Full Tilt Poker, you would be saving a excellent 27% of your rakeback

What is Rakeback Full Tilt? /> Every time you play at Full Tilt you pay money as a rake. Full Tilt rakeback is nothing but a bonus for Full Tilt Poker’s poker players, in which they yield of 27% rake a player is back to it!

Full Tilt rakeback calculator
Let’s say you pay $ 1 rake for each game and you play around 500 games per month (figures are only hypotheses ). Now, through the Full Tilt rakeback program 27% of your rake must be returned to you, which accounts for $ 135! This clearly implies that not register with Full Tilt rakeback you lose $ 135 (in this case).

The method of calculating rakeback involves some other factors too, such as participation in the hold, the number of hours you play, the number of tables hired by the player, etc. Full tilt rakeback calculator, available fulltiltrakeback.com the site can be used to calculate more accurate and detailed rakeback.

Benefits / p>
The 27% of your rake you save just for signing up is the advantage in the first place. 100% rakeback up to $ 600 first deposit bonus. By registering, you’ll not only qualify for Full Tilt rakeback, but also to other bonuses, freerolls and promotions at Full Tilt Poker.

To place it in simple words, Full Tilt rakeback is a free program that can benefit the reader in many ways and all that he or she must do is sign up for Full Tilt rakeback. As the saying goes, it is better to earn something back than nothing!

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