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POKER STRATEGIES ? The Tournaments

October 8th, 2010

POKER STRATEGIES ? The Tournaments

When it comes to playing Poker Tournament, you should remember one thing all the time – maximizing your financial expectation of the game – this is one of the best tournament poker strategies.

At three different times in a poker tournament, it becomes crucial to eliminate a player. As for the first chance, you should check down nearly any hand to the river. The other two chances commonly arrive when one is without money or is three handed. (Generally the second one gets double what the third gets).

In a tournament, eliminating the others players is very vital and this trick is one of the widely used tournament poker strategies. If you wish to win, then you have to eliminate all the opponents. But still this is not the most vital factor to consider. Your whole focus should be on ‘increasing the financial expectation’ of the game. And at times, it does involve NOT eliminating the players like in a situation when one or two players are out of the money and then you are there with a huge stack…. and also you are capable enough to virtually steal their blinds. So, the longer this particular situation remains the better for you (best of all tournament poker strategies).

In Poker Tournaments, a majority of players play the game without a positive expectation and this works fantastic for those who play hard and motivated enough to win. The main challenge in a poker tournament lies in the way you play with your best financial interest. And as we discussed above, at times it may include eliminating the opponents, but overall it’ is the money that matters the most.

In poker tournament, everyone is faced with problems like missing the flush draws, confusions about to bluff or not etc-etc. For all the players who play poker tournaments, you have to adapt to having brilliant moments in real dire circumstances. Every poker tournament player has to face the abyss.

And the fact is that the majority do not face it so well. It is very common that players toss in the last chips foolishly (muttering about “full value”) making a foolish play.
This happens a lot because not rising to the challenge that the situation throws.

In tournaments, the main secret is the skill that should be there for moments like these.
It does not matter how much tournament poker strategies you know, but how you use them in the negative situations.

In order to succeed in these adverse moments, instead of folding up and being ruined, one should step ahead and seize these moments then rising & acting boldly to make a brilliant choice.

If you see it in a different way, then taking part in poker tournament should not be seen as a chance to grab huge prizes, but you should look at it as an opportunity for the improvement of your choice making power in the adverse moments especially. If you seriously want to win a poker tournament, then you must risk losing the game. In other words, you must look at your chips as they are dead and then perform. Yes, that’ the key – taking risk.

And just exactly reverse of this theorem is the reason that why the successful poker tournament players perform poor when they play ring games. Really, they cannot handle repeated mundane decisions. They simply cannot stand before the players who do not have any dread for the chips. The ring games seldom have an adversity element involved. The main exceptions in the ring games are huge bets and where one plays over his head (with rent money).

The opponents who touch their pockets to pull out more money are really different from the ones who choose to leave the table when they lose a hand.

So, if you follow the tournament poker strategies, then you must learn to risk the chips to have a long life in the poker tournaments

Along with the factors like brilliance and daringness, sacrifice is also a part of a poker tournament and you should accept it in a healthy way. Check out lot more strategies on bigbonuspoker.com

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