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Try a tournament in online poker and get a huge return of min cashes

February 1st, 2011

Try a tournament in online poker and get a huge return of min cashes

It seems that Lance Armstrong made a round of his last professional race. After this traumatic year and, finally, the hero fails Tour de France cycling leaves modern sport to the next generation led by Alberto Contador, winner of the last two Tours. Armstrong will leave behind a legacy that is only slightly tarnished by his last term with the authorities. Lance Armstrong will not just drift, you can be sure. A man who beats about the cancer within three months before moving on to win seven consecutive Tours de France is not a man likely to slink out of the spotlight. With his charity to promote, it will be at the forefront of the minds of many and it is certainly not a terrible thing. The man may have the chance to have tremendous lung capacity, but even that was not beyond other winners of the Tour de France as Miguel Indurain. Armstrong had to live in a quarry where he was labeled a drug user. Despite all the stringent measures to check him, Armstrong has never failed drug tests. In March 2009, he spent his 24th test in the space of one year once again it was demonstrated that he had not used drugs. To me, Lance Armstrong will miss being involved in cycling. Without his presence, it is unlikely that many Americans care about cycling and just look at the figures now cycling in the UK after their Olympic success to realize the potential excellent that could do. It would be surprising to see him try to revitalize our nation in sport and away from their televisions. I realize for those who do not care much about cycling or Lance Armstrong it was not very exciting, but it is a fantastic hero of mine and I’m sure for many others there. I spent the weekend catching the Tour de France and also by playing online poker rake back between the two rounds of golf. Played very well on tables and on the course. Poker rakeback was more a chore with more cash tables constantly on the go with a few MTT buzzing around. Min cash half of the tournaments was not a fantastic return, but should be able to change it a bit. The tables of cash were producing some small profits and help with rakeback and ensure that I qualify for some freerolls www.rakebackpoker.com etc.. Pretty sure I played enough to get there. For more information, visit: http://www.rakebackpoker.com

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