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Understanding Rack back and how to earn profit from it

February 2nd, 2011

Understanding Rack back and how to earn profit from it


Understanding rear rack, you must first know “what the rake?” Rake is the money that the poker site fee from each pot. Mostly Most poker sites take 5% of the pot after each betting round. This means that you must give a certain sum of money to the poker site where you play.

rake back

Rake Calculation back

When a player signs to play poker, he must give his username the poker site on the affiliate site. Poker sites provide periodic reports of each player that shows name user and the amount of rake during this period. The reports may be weekly or monthly.

But, it is not necessary that all poker sites provide rear rack. Some poker sites do not allow affiliated sites to give a part of the rake back to players. Another thing is that in many places rack gear is authorized only to new poker players, this means that if you already have an account at a poker site you can not subscribe to rack back in this poker site.

Increase profits by affiliates / p> to be really profitable in a poker game you must also take into account the amount of rake you have to give the poker site. For a player with a lower limit of this amount may be a few hundred dollars for a fantastic player he can be in thousands of dollars.

So it is very clear that this is a poker site directly is not a wise choice. You’re just throwing a lot of money in the poker site every month.

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