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Slow Play in Poker Rakeback

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Slow Play in Poker Rakeback

hands played poorly in a slow game could give your opponents free cards. There is nothing worse than BB is something strong after limping in with AA, KK or other excellent hand of poker. This is the worst thing to allow someone else has hit the entire solid to have two pairs on the flop or Strite. If you slow your game on Bodog rakeback you have to realize that the pot is not built. In many cases our adversary could call our bet, but in this case just wait. It could also call on the turn or river, but it is still less than he could add. The best thing is to bet 2 / 3 pot on river. This may give us a lot more chips. If we wait for our opponent to build his hand that would be the time and money lost, even if their cards are smaller than ours. He could also get a better hand than ours and we could lose even more. We can play with our Strite slow, but there is still a chance that the color may appear and we gain nothing. Even if our opponents rakeback at Ultimate Bet has two pair, he could be worried of someone with a color, so it is not going to risk his chips in this case. On games like micro rakeback poker opponents do not respect each other or they do not really care how they play. This means that we can bet strong hands high and there is still a huge chance that someone is calling. If our opponent makes a mistake with the bluff, he will soon learn a lesson. Accordingly, it will not play with anything. With slow play, it is more hard than we made a mistake, because we earn through our excellent hand, not because of our delicate strategy. A bet on the river gives us money, we’re the winner, but we could obtain much of this game if you bet correctly. For more details please contact:

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The King of Poker Rakeback

August 21st, 2010 No comments Beth Shak is a real babe in this one. Gus looks like he’s enjoying the action here…
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