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Learn more about Cake Poker Rakeback

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Learn more about Cake Poker Rakeback

If there is one online destination that finds mention in the choice list of nearly every online poker players, it is Cake Poker. The online poker site is getting increasingly well loved, courtesy to the plethora of poker rooms with gifts of something for everyone. The players can earn Cake poker rakeback up to the tune of 33 percent. Isn’t it a fantastic incentive for ones playing poker online. Additionally, they get the advantage of mastering the art by observing how expert poker players are playing their cards.

What is a rake?
Any card room or online casino invests lot of money in facilitating the game to the players. This investment is done in the form of software, providing online chips, transferring money and other sundry expenses that keep adding up. Consequently, every card room charges the player certain commission in lieu of providing them their service. This system of charging the player is called Rake, and it is charged irrespective of the winning or losing of the player.

Cake poker rakeback
Now, as part of the overall endeavor to popularize the format of online poker games, Cake poker provides its player with something known as Cake poker rakeback. In this system, the players are returned a part of the amount charged from them as rake. Therefore, the longer the player stays in the poker room, more is the amount he earns as Cake poker rakeback. While playing with Cake poker the rake is somewhere in the range of 5 percent or up to an amount of 4 dollars, and the rakeback is within a lucrative range of 25% to 33% or more (in case of bonuses and discounts).

The rakeback in Cake poker is chose through dealt method in which the percentage of rakeback is calculated by dividing the pot rack by the number of players that participated in the rake. The amount of rakeback is deposited each month into your account and you get extra bonuses if players join the poker room through your reference.

Cake Poker Kamikaze Sit And Go Video

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Visit to view this video or many others for free and with a clearer picture. This isn’t a poker training or strategy video, because the new Cake Poker Kamikaze sit and go tournaments are just a gamble – every player is forced to go all in every hand!

Cake Poker Review and Rakeback (

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