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Top 5 Rakeback Deals Online

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Top 5 Rakeback Deals Online

More and more poker sites are offering rakeback to their players. They have finally grasped that for too long they were coining so much profits that it was now time to reward their players loyalty by giving them rakeback.

I have scoured the internet to find the current top 5 rakeback deals available on the internet today.

1. Victory Poker 40%
Victory Poker is one of the newest poker rooms on the market and has started a strong marketing campaign and also offering 40% rakeback to all of its players. Rakeback payments are paid directly into your poker accounts every Monday for the previous weeks play, as is the same with all skins on the Everleaf Network. Professionals poker players who are signed up to Victory poker include seasoned High Stakes poker veteran  Antonio Esfandiari, Tom Dwans best pal,  Andrew ‘good2cu’ Robl and defected Doyles 10 player Alec ‘traheho’ Torelli. Their sponsored player list also includes 2007 playmate of the year Sarah Jane Underwood. Not too shabby!!

2. Minted Poker 40%
Minted Poker is also on the Everleaf Network. As for all Everleaf network skins, you will receive 40% rakeback. Again similar to Victory, rakeback gets paid directly into your account every Monday for the previous weeks action. Minted uses the contributed method which means that the looser players will generate more rakeback then the tight nit who only plays the nuts!  Tournament entry fees are also included in Monthly yucky rake. The best thing about this site is that all the promotional work that Victory poker are doing can only benefit Minted as it will drastically increase the numbers of traffic to their ring cash games and tournaments, which before was the major negative about the site. 

3. Cellsino Poker 40%
Cellsino is also part of the Everleaf Network. As you may have guessed form this article, Everleaf Network are using a very aggressive rakeback promotion policy to try and win over customers from the established players such as Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Cake Network. The reason they reckon they can do this is by the software they offer which is a match with if not better than the current Poker stars software and also not far behind Full Tilts innovative software style.

4. Stout Bet Poker 40%
Stout Bet Poker is a member of the Melita Gaming Network and offers a huge 40% in rakeback. Stout Bet was originally on the Poker Nexus network but went to Melita in October 2009. Rake is paid bi-monthly and the rake periods are broken down from the first day to the 15th of the month and from the 16th to the last day of the month.Melita is a well respected brand and the company is registered in Malta. The traffic is low at off peak European times but the competition is very soft. The main attractions of this site bar the 40% rakeback is the security it offers due to its parent company Melita Telecommunications which is known all over Italy and Main land Europe.

5. Carbon Poker 35%

Rakeback offered at Carbon is 35%. Carbon  is one of the few sites that automatically pays your rakeback into your Carbon account daily. They use the contributed rakeback method when calculating your rakeback so they this means the more pots you play in, the more rakeback you earn. Take that Nits! Carbon is part of the Merge gaming network, which also hosts Players Only Poker room. Plase note that Merge only allows you to sign up for one rakeback account for the Network, so you have to make sure you go with the site which have the better reputation and in my opinion that would have to be Carbon.

Please note that Betfair poker offer 40% rakeback if you rake £1500 or more a month which can easily be attainable and is by the far the safest and most respected of all the sites mentioned above.


Carbon Poker Review and Rakeback (

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100% SIGN UP DEPOSIT BONUS UP TO 0 ON CARBON POKER Enter code PSRB in the coupon code area Visit for more reviews, the best bonus codes, and rakeback.

This is a clip of the £1.2m World Record Terrible Beat Bonus that got paid out by Carbon Poker. The ‘losing’ hand got 35%, the ‘winning’ hand got 17.5% and the rest of the players sat at the table got a share of 17.5%….except poor ancient PokerBunny on the right of the table who chose to sit out of that hand to avoid paying a blind!!! If you have never deposited on Carbon and want to get the highest rakeback possible (35%) along with a 100% deposit match to k then just use the code PRO30 at the deposit stage.

Explore Rakebackmypoker’S Various Rake Back Poker Games!

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Explore Rakebackmypoker’S Various Rake Back Poker Games!

Background: Carbon Poker started its operations in February 2005 and has defined itself as a site that offers enticing overlays, fantastic guarantees and superb game selection. CarbonPoker ison the Merge Gaming Network and benefits from the sturdy, detailed and well designed software client that Merge Gaming features.

Limits: The limits at the Carbon Poker tables are large and varied, although the focus is clearly on the more well loved Texas Holdem and Omaha tables. Limit Texas Holdem starts at .10/.20 and extends to /0. Pot Limit Texas Holdem starts at a reasonable .50/.10 and finishes at /. No Limit Texas Holdem ranges from .02/.04 to /. The Omaha tables start at a low .10/.50 for No Limit and max out at /. The lesser well loved games usually start at a low .05/.10 and end at /.

Rake: In general, a 5% rake is taken at the tables at CarbonPoker. Like most other sites, the exact amount taken per hand is dependent on the number of players in the pot, pot size and limit level. caps the rake taken at all tables at a low . The rake is generally taken at .01 per .20, up to a table max that is dependent on the limit.This is also known as carbonpoker rake back

Player traffic:CarbonPoker regularly attracts over5000 players to their tables. The generous daily, weekly and monthly tournaments help ensure player loyalty. CarbonPoker is currently ranked around 19th place overall, but the quality of the software combined with brilliant promotions will help elevate CarbonPoker in the future.

Playablity:The Merge Gaming software, which CarbonPoker is part of, is an incredible piece of poker software. The speed is blisteringly quick, with animation limited to the community cards and emoticons. The use of vector graphics means that full screen play is presented cleanly without slowing down play. Large buttons and check boxes provide quick preset selection to keep the pace of the games even quicker. The lobby is packed full of information; on the various games, limits, tournaments and promotions and thankfully all the relevant information is conveniently sorted under tabs and filters can be applied to further narrow players game search.

Software and extra features:The Merge Gaming software provides players with an array of features that help elevate CarbonPoker above much of the competition. Aside from the standard features, CarbonPoker also includes:

Quick Start – Set your options and start playing with one click. Rabbit Hunt – Continue to see the cards, even after you’ve won the hand. Multi-table Play – The software doesn’t skip a beat even with this function on. Player Accolades – Win virtual trophies and ribbons to show off. Player Tags – Tag players as fish, sharks and buddies with this feature. Animated Emoticons – Animated donkeys, fish and emoticons liven up the game. Expose One – Elect to muck, show both or just one of your cards.

Customer support:A comprehensive online FAQ is complemented by efficient customer support through email. CarbonPoker states that most enquiries will be answered within 30 minutes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Responses are quick, accurate and courteous. Carbonpoker also have 24/7 live support for your problems

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