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How to become a profitable poker player?

August 31st, 2010 No comments

Becoming profitable poker player? ??????????????

There are more and more sites on the net, o? you can find information on places, o? play poker, but there is no need, o? is? the manner described? it to play successfully? s. I therefore? Cid? to publish my opinion, that will help poker players to get new success? s.

The choice of poker room …

There are hundreds of poker rooms available – How to choose the best for you? Certainly you must be careful? some vital things, of which? writing poker room. One of the most vital things for new players an amount of freerolls in this room and the amount of earnings potential? these freerolls. I can recommend some poker rooms that have closed? Freerolls with password (for example, rooms iPoker Titan Poker and CD. Sometimes it is really simple? get into these freerolls closed? – just use Google? write the name of the tournament and you’ll find forums o? password will be published?. Maybe? shows that sometimes you need to register on some sites to get the word freeroll.
As the next vital thing is the strength of your opponents. The simplest beaten”joueurs”vous can find on the Pacific /> iPoker, Ongame, Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, Bodog Poker Rooms For r? sumer everything concerning the choice of poker room, I advise? the MTT SNG players and PokerStars, PartyPoker, Ongame, but for fans of gaming and Pacific iPoker.

strat? gy MTT simple ..

If we look at the game, o? is the limit in (1 $ -5 million), one can see many mistakes? empty.
One of the largest mistakes is a card game medium strength and low to the position. In the d? goal of the tournament and in the middle of play? to us Under The Gun (UTG), the middle position (MP), and most of the situations last? first minute of Position (LOP) with hands like A9, AK, KJ, Q8. These kinds of cards can not? be played to the players who are not s? r of their game after? s flop.
So o? is the problem? me?! For example: we call? from UTG +1 with A9, while monitoring and reporting flop is with us? by two other players (PM & BB), as we see flop A83 (Rainbow). We are pleased because we have to? j? top pair. When controlled? BBs, we bet the pot size, d? could? calls, BB folds. By the turn 4 and we see continue? bet? pot size, but the d? could? not in ALL-m? my time. We Permit? few chips and call. MP shows A10 and the tournament for us is termin? e. For this reason, and another similar situation we do not play with your hands. There are only a few hands, when you can do all the time like AA, KK, QQ, AK. Regarding other hand, I? write on documents of A4 10, I would simply point out the main things that you? whatever they want rer. Tr? s vital moment is the position we find ourselves against other players in the flop . We are int? ress? s, we are family? make paris, so we can d? cider force the hands of opponents.
For example: d? could? cons LP ‘s is not in position, but the d? could? cons GBS is in position. My advice is to not use the call button, using raise or fold instead. In Preflop do? lift us to ? Barrass out East and weak hands, but the flop to Raise we can easily see how the card players strongly. Perfect for? statement on Preflop – If your hand is not excellent enough to do, then fold .? my opinion, there are only two exceptions to the appeal? preflop.
The initial registration, the question? always? t? r? it on the small (22-55) and Middle pocket pairs (66-99). I advise you to call, because if we take the set (it happens every 7.5 time), we’ll make lots of money, if there many players? left. And that’s only because we hide the hand and nobody thinks? our hand. Set is hand? from which we can get the maximum.
If we two diamonds and the flop, we see three diamonds too (Flush all), then our adversaries will not? definitively bet, because they will be worried that someone Flush. But if we have him, then person shall be informed?? about it and we will do our opponents chips
The second collection we call connectors with m? my color (56s, 67s, 78s). In Multipot (pot o? of Many players demand?), the strength of these hands raised, because sometimes there are situations when a player calls with AJ and others with Q10, J10 third? me, fourth? me and we had fantastic 67s Q10 chance to get something excellent on the flop. The best quality? connectors East is possible to connect with the flop like pocket pairs can be done and it brings money.
For r? sumer the strat? gy low, we must remember play with only excellent hands to play that? from the position in an aggressive play preflop and flop, look for trends opponents, bluffing seldom use it, after? s have Lost analyze your mistakes.

In the initial registration part, we look? base for players who just started? play. In this part we will see? through things, which n? stopped ? of attention. This time, plus about $ 5-20 buy-in tournaments MTT.
Our goal is to make as few mistakes as possible during the tournament, but in m? my time we have cause opponents into making mistakes.

pot odds

One of the most vital factors when players make mistakes calls when the pot odds are not profitable. For example: start of the tournament, all have 1500 chips, Maps 10cJc.On 4d 8c 4c Kh board, there are 400 in the pot (200, we have deep groove? s in, but 200 other opponent who is not in the position against us. Opponent paris of the pot (400), now it is 800 in the pot, and we must pay 400 to see the Riviera? re. possibility? Bank for us is 2:1 (800:400). Now let us have the possibility? get club (c) in the Riviera? re. There are 46 cards on your left, 9 of them clubs are, if possible, obtain Flush is 37:9 (4:1). And while the proportion of pots (2:1) is lower? Interior? proportion Flush (4: 1) the best of? choice is ? bend, m? me? opponent like this bet. If the player has bet the bank share 100 and then be 5:1, we should call a game and that would be profitable for us.
It is tr? s vital to have pot odds are not profitable for the opponents. If you reckon the opponent waits flush or straight, but you have the best hand, then calculate and offrir””face unprofitable forcing the adversary to make mistakes.

implied odds

But do not you? always do as it says in pot odds. You must consider your comments on the opponents and I? admit very thing? vital one, as he implied odds relationship between your earnings potential and paiements””pour see the next street. This relationship is not possible to look? another flat, but it is pr? visible. For example: Our maps of 78? board rainbow A56K, two opponents, we are on the BNT, we therefore last call, pot of 400 chips. In paris tour SB 400, another antagonist, which is UTG with 400 r? answers, it is our time to make a video game? choice. There are 1,200 in the pot now we have addon 400, on the bank then is 1200:400 (3:1) and the opportunity? get 4 or 9 we need the right is 38:8 (4.75:1). If you look at the odds jar us to bed, but we look at the board and concluded that someone must have one in hand and if the map of the Riviera? re will be 4 or 9, it will continue? bet with his pair up. With this example I wanted to show than ever before taking to? choice attention? potential hands in the streets? c? t?.

strat? gy

In these tournaments there are smaller rooms insufficient number of players (sharks). Many players reckon that size you require, you have to play Tight? and when blinds do, then you have to participate more. I can not accept this because, pr? cis? tion, d? goal of the tournament is the best time for sharks to walk? submit, take the game and make money, m? me with top pair. When the blinds are 50/100 and the more you have to choose carefully the hands of? hand because the middle of the tournament will play opponents with better hands and each error can be brought your death. Bubble (before getting the money) is? be played to carefully, you can not forget things like stealing blinds, prot? ger. During the tournament, you have to watch you your opponents, their bluff? slaughter, to steal the blind and other things.
It is very? s vital to use your image is to mislead a person. For example, if you? your taken? twice bluff? slaughter, not to do next time, change your image. What to do?
In the next hand, when you hand tr? r s strong? p? ter the m? my things, when we did have the m-bet bluffing? I bet, thinking as long as before and so opponents do not believe in your excellent cards and will use more hands with the middle and it will chips for your collection.
But if you showed? Particular rately r? calcitrant image (not bluffing? all), it is your chance to steal the blinds or make up after bluffing? s the flop time to get? small of money. Nobody wants to fight with you because they reckon you? your Honn? you and you really have strong cards.
There are many players who going all-in with cards cards average cons al? atoires, when did Dr. Silver? al. Do not know. I do not know why they act like that game and win only three hours twice your buy in? silent? My advice is to follow your strat? gy pr? c? dente, do not invent something new to play only with excellent hands and an aggressive game, without appeal, you must raise or all- in. It s? hangs from the stack size against the size blinds, opponents etc.
Our ultimate goal is g? n? ally table and we just? wait for artists who””, is that two times more than a buy-in? t?.
game? the final table, I d? write the? scale, but this time I will mention only that you have? Carefully watch for opponents habits””+ you? Supp play? + comments carefully motivate yourself with things you can buy if you have one more room? lev? you? for your time.

It is excellent if you have a talent inn?, but the drive litt? temperature can be brought any excellent, but not the best. It is n? necessary for something to read? be profitable in online poker. Lit? literature I can advice to tournament players:

Harrington on Hold’em (Volume 1, the game strat? gium) (Dan Harrington) Harrington on Hold’em
(Volume 2 The Endgame) (Dan Harrington) Harrington
Hold’em (Volume 3 The Workbook) (Dan Harrington)
No Limit Hold ’em Theory and Practice (David Sklansky, Ed Miller)
For advanced Holdem? e Players (David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth)
Phil Gordon’s Small Green Book (Phil Gordon)
Super System (Doyle Brunson S) – 2 pieces.


I am a person who supports the use of multiple software, because that? my opinion it is not unique and tr? s excellent software. For self-analysis, I advice you Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker 3, but for analysis r-time adversaries? el are the best Poker Edge Poker Crusher. The first I mentioned are not excellent for the opponents, because given? are extracted from the data base? are self-made and database as? are, are usually hard. But the latter takes the info from the data base? are 3 million players in it. The second is useless for self-analysis, there is no graphs, analysis and run other vital things for self-analysis. But the co? ts diff? rent respectively. For the first time the best res you have to pay $ 80 per month, but for the second? me a $ 40 100. But it’s worth paying more for quality?.

end this article, I noticed? I did not tell many vital things, but I promise fid motivation?? write? about them later. If anyone needs books I mentioned?, just question, I will help you with them.

No matter what cards you have, it is vital to see how well you know your opponent !!!

Visit the blog and become my poker profitable player !!!