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WSOP 2009 – Stern vs. Veldhuis AJ vs AK

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Kevin Pollak parodies Christopher Walken: Poker Face reading

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Kevin Pollak parodies Christopher Walken: Poker Face read in his new showtime standup special!
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Poker – King of Card Games

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Poker – King of Card Games

Poker is a well loved card game. Nobody is really sure of its origin. It is very similar to the Persian game of as nas. It is believed that the game has been taught to French settlers in New Orleans by Persian sailors. It is not clear how poker came to be, but some characteristics are known in previous games. Perhaps the earlier games have influenced the present form of poker. It seems, in 1800, gambling was a common pastime. During the Gold Rush spread along the Mississippi and West.

It is reported that poker was originally played with 20 cards, but shortly after its release, the full 52-card English deck was used. During the American Civil War of the game have changed. More additions were made, such as poker, stud poker and right. About 1875 wild card was introduced and about 25 years later to share the pot poker was developed, and again 25 years later in 1925, playing poker community card has been developed. American game spread to other countries. The introduction of poker in Asia, it is believed that the U.S. military was responsible. The game and jargon has become an integral part of American culture and English. While speaking English many words are used, such as’ ace in the hole, “ace in his sleeve, blue chip, call one’s bluff, cash in, pass the buck, poker face, stack up when the chips are down, wild card. people, etc. Many do not know that these phrases are connected with poker.

World Series of Poker started in 1970. It became well loved in American casinos. The first years of the century 21SR seen poker’s popularity reaching to the sky mainly because the game went online. This was responsible for transforming the game into a spectator sport. With TV coming to a new dimension was added to the game as a player became aware that their actions can be seen on TV

Poker is played in different ways, but it is a basic pattern of play which is followed everywhere. Players deal each hand by rotation. But in a casino a house dealer handles the cards, typically a white plastic disk is passed around the players to indicate who is the distributor for this round. He is turned clockwise to the order of paris can be determined. The dealer shuffles, cuts and deals it. The cards are dealt, either up or face down. The position of the cards depends on the type of poker is played.

Bluffing is basic feature of poker. The most well loved forms of poker are:

Draw Poker:
Players receive 5 cards or more. All cards are hidden. The player can replace one or more of its cards a few times.

Stud Poker:
Here, the player receives one card at a time, some cards are showed to other players at the table. In Stud poker players are not allowed to discard or replace any cards.

Community card poker:
A number of cards are dealt face up and shared by all players. Players combine individually dealt cards with the
‘community cards’
The most well loved versions are Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Hold’em. In this variety two or four individual cards are dealt, respectively. Texas Hold’em can be played up to 22 players, but normally it is played with 2 to 10 people. The objective of Texas Hold’em is to win pots. Of the seven cards available, form a better poker hand 5 and win the pot or betting to cause other players to fold and abandon their claim to the pot. To win, a player must make decisions mathematically right.

It is also known as Omaha holdem or Omaha. This is a poker game with community cards. It is very similar to Texas Hold’em. Each player receives four cards. And make best poker hand using only two cards and can only use three of the five community cards

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Multitable tournament made easy by rakebackpokeronline

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Multitable tournament made simple by rakebackpokeronline

Online gambling is a risky game. You can lose a lot of money if you lose. So before jumping into this risky game, one must prepare. Rakebackpokeronline wants to provide some guidance on this game This guide focuses on, multi-table tournament. The aim should be to get as many chips as possible. With a huge chip stack, a player will be able to bully people, steal the blinds, place small stacks all in and protect themselves against the handle / terrible beats. There is an advantage of this strategy, the advantage is that the more chips will be generated, which means that the risk is minimized. The fish is still alive has a weekness and we can easily take this weekness. There is another strategy called tight play: People who play very tight, tend to play huge hands. If they catch a hand they double up, but most likely they do not increase their stack. The advantages of this strategy is that the player can certainly go to the second phase. His risk-free rate and survival are high, which is the ultimate goal. The disadvantages are that in the second stage more hands are required since the blinds go up. Even if it is not exactly rakeback offers rakebackpokeronline but this particular game which is a multi-table tournament. Then comes the second stage of the multi-table tournament tight and aggressive is the key to success in this second step. The player must play huge pairs and huge cards, but he needs to fold the card connector adapted extremely excellent position. The player must make sure his opponents and not the reverse. This is the stage in which a player may try to double. This step is very vital and determines the outcome of the rest of the tournament. Batteries should be high. Without the battery showing high number there is no chance that a player can go to the final table. This game is as exciting and thrilling than rake back. Just before the whistle blew and the last person pulled from the tournament, it is time to initiate the selection of the hand and be very aggressive with rugs. Most small stacks will ultratight.This is the stage of life and death and continue to change gears. With this we come to the conclusion of this small guide. Rakebackpokceronline connect to and delight in poker games and tournaments Rakeback multitable. For more information, visit:

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The top ten tips to make money at on line poker

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The top ten tips to make money at on line poker
Everyone has seen

poker on television where the winner pocketing more than $ 1 million. But each of these there are over 800 participants who were puzzled to $ 10,000 each, have not cashed and leave with nothing. How can we at a stage where they can afford to lose $ 10,000 at one time? Well the answer is a lot of hard work. If you are not lucky enough to have a sponsor large poker room, you will need to grind out a profit on the line. Do take a year, do take several years but if the work is place in then there is no reason why you can not make decent extra money playing poker online. Here are my 10 tips on how to make money online poker

1. Sign up for a rakeback account Why leave free money in the hands of the owners of the poker room where you can receive up to 50% rake paid back into your poker account as a reward for your loyalty to a particular poker room. It makes sense and is a fantastic way to boost your bankroll.

2. Join a training site as poker or Cardrunners Deuces Cracked. The advice they offer at all levels is invaluable. It will make you a winning player before you know it.

3. Buy Holdem Manager. An incredible piece of software that can be used to analyze your own game and your opponents well. It can also be used in real-time statistics on your opponents screen displays.

4. hands after you’ve had problems with the poker forums or forums as training poker site

5. Try to find a group of like minded people who also want to improve their game so you can discuss with them the hands

6. Make videos of your game and question someone who plays higher limits, then you review and give some advice.

7. Check your tilt factor as soon as possible in your poker career. Read or elements of poker or poker mindset to help in this regard.

8. Review all your huge winners and losers hands after a session, and keep a spreadsheet of all your sins.

9. Before you sit down to a session, write between 3-4 goals you want to focus on this session. This may be something like “not spit in 3 bet pots,” or “double-dipping to the lowest against the tight players,” or “do not call raises with hands that are easily dominated out of position as QJ. Give your self a note after each meeting to see if you reached your goal. If not, keep this goal on the list for the next session.

10. Get Coaching. If you’re at a stage where your game is in stagnation, perhaps time for a coach to change your perspective on how you view the game, it will invigorate your passion for reading when you hear someone with more knowledge, tell you where you were going terribly.

If you follow the advice above and place in some work, you should make some nice extra money in a small time. For some deeper analysis and strategy of poker please visit

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