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Pokerstars Cheat – is it Possible?

September 1st, 2010 No comments

Pokerstars Cheat – is it Possible?

Looking for a Pokerstars cheat? Understandable; I mean, who wouldn’t want to get a bit more from the Pokerstars, the largest online poker room in the world? But unfortunately, there may be no simple way to cheat on Pokerstars, such as a simple yet ingenious hack or software that could give you an upper hand when calling bluffs or making bets. There is no ultimate Pokerstars cheat that would give you those extra winnings as easily as making a poker face.

Pokerstars did a fantastic job in getting to where it is now, probably the number one online poker casino. And it did so with a lot of fortifications against hackers and malignant software. Checking Pokerstars itself, they have a list of software players can use while in a game, to avoid misdemeanor on the players’ part, if you will. Well, perhaps a very talented and skilled hacker could get in and effectively plant a cheat, but with Pokerstars’ constantly adapting and improving systems, I doubt the Pokerstars cheat would last. It would be found out and eliminated even before word of it spread. How about software? For instance, a sort of backdoor software that would enable someone wields it to have an advantage over others in a game, such as knowing opponents’ hands? Really, if you’d look it up in Google, there are some circulating software out there claiming to do just that, if not more. But personally, I would rather search Google for tried and tested approaches or systems or techniques for playing poker rather than cheating it.

Many people have tried many a Pokerstars cheat; some have tried colluding with other players, taking advantage of the ‘Disconnect Protect’ feature of Pokerstars, while some dream of a sort of card scanner that would mathematically make out the best approaches to a win once you get your first cards. Colluding with other players seem the most effective, not to mention safe way to use a Pokerstars cheat. The abuse of the ‘Disconnect Protect’ feature is all too well noticed, and the fantasy of a mathematical card scanner doing all the work and winning all the bets for you seems farfetched-as of yet, no mathematical matrix, theorem, or calculation could effectively predict luck, which plays a major part in poker. So what is the best way to cheat in Pokerstars?

If you really want to go ahead with coming up with your own Pokerstars cheat, it might be best to assimilate known cheats in actual, real life poker. While some of them certainly have been rendered ineffective by taking poker into the World Wide Web, there are always variations and possible schemes that would take its form from whatever cheats are available in playing poker in real life. This is in no way to encourage cheating, but the reality is that cheating has become part and parcel of every gambling game, not just poker.

In your quest for the best Pokerstars cheat, keep in mind that if you go ahead with it, you raise the gamble to different, higher stakes-and the odds of escaping the fate that awaits you when you get caught are slim.

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Ultimate Bet Rakeback the best deal possible!

August 31st, 2010 No comments

Ultimate Bet Rakeback the best deal possible! ?????????????? Rake

can be brought appeal? with humor as a? imp? t poker player. If yes, then rakeback is the? Economy to imp? T poker player! In a more conscious, the r? Castle is the amount of pay? by a poker player? the poker room (such as service charges) each time he or she plays a game in the poker room. Rakeback is a poker player has to sign up? that he or she will be sent back? e? a certain percentage of the rake. This percentage varies in the diff? Annuities poker rooms online and soci? T? S affiliates? Es. A poker room that shell? a higher percentage? lev? Rakeback is the Ultimate Bet. Ultimate Bet Rakeback easily? be appealed? one of the best offers on the Internet! Ultimate Bet is a poker room that is known for its wide varieties is Games and offers sp? cial player-friendly.

Rakeback Ultimate Bet
rakeback at Ultimate Bet offers a thirty percent (30%) Rakeback. This implies that for each pay 50 cents? S as r? Castle, the player r? Cup? St 15 cents. This may seem small now. But, take into account one month of poker games played to by an average poker player and you can money seems growing! Assuming that a poker player plays 250 games in a month and assuming an r? Castle nominal 50 cents for each game, the poker player will be saving a excellent 40 dollars on the total rake of $ 150 per any sign? Rakeback at Ultimate Bet!

To get rakeback at Ultimate Bet, the poker player must follow? following steps:

Delete cookies in the browser. T? L? Load the required software available on their official website. Sign? a soci? t? affiliates? e, which is m? mediator between the poker room and poker player.

With this, every time he or she plays they would? Saving Money money m? my time as likely to have? win in their game!

rakeback at Ultimate Bet offers? premiums can also go up? a? thundering 111% for a certain amount. R? Production can too? Be served during the seasons of f? You.

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