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Three most common mistakes in micro stakes on ? line poker

February 7th, 2011 Comments off

Three most common mistakes in micro stakes on ? line poker

There are many leaks that someone may have to play poker, but I reckon the next three are the greatest. Once corrected, it can become players lose players to win the micro limits.

1. Lameness in pots.
The most cost effective strategy in the current climate in online is a excellent tight-aggressive style. This implies for the most part, be the aggressor every time you enter the pot. Instead of having to make tough decisions, you must place your opponent under pressure every time they enter a pot with you. You can easily identify the terrible players the minute they slack in a pot. If you reckon your hand is excellent enough to play, then you should raise the hand of at least 3 times the huge blind pre-flop. Never slack in a pot full ring or 6max game.

2. Playing too many hands on
Again this position is something that newcomers to poker does not fully know. Being last to act in a hand is a huge advantage, that you can see that all of your opponents do and act before you get to play. Once in position, you can take free cards while players cannot position. Players can delight in in the position of weakness, by flotation, then steal pots when the initial reader checks, then abandoned on the turn. Therefore, it is logical to significantly boost your range when reading the small and the East position. You need to compensate for the lack of play out of position to play premium high hands with the intention to bet all 3 streets when the flop is favorable. There is no need to raise their hands like A7 beginning because it is very hard to play out of position. There are excellent chances that if you find yourself flop top pair, it will be very hard to measure where you fit in the pot or control the pot size to play out of position with a marginal hand that could easily be dominated

3. Playing your cards and your opponents do
Everyone has heard “You must play your opponent, not your hands”, but how many people really do? Just because you have 89 suited on the button does not mean that it is an automatic call if someone has raised before you, because you can draw flop monster hands and win huge pots. If a loose player whose manic assault on the stats flop and the turn are very high and it goes into the pot in front of you raise, it would be more logical to call with the cards that can flop top pair hands, hands like KT would be suitable preferred to call with suited only 89. He highlighted when you do flop top pair, you can be pretty sure you’re ahead of its range and then try to bluff him all three streets and just call down if the board does not become too scary. Another example is that you have a hand like JT offsuit on the button and you’ve been very active in late position. You know that your stats stats the huge blind has 3-Bet 20% from that position and has already 3bet you on the previous orbit is likely to retaliate again soon, so therefore it makes sense to strengthen our opening Button raise so that when you can 4-bet 3beta new value instead of having to fold a marginal hand.

Try to incorporate the above points in your next session and I hope you’ll improve your win rate on. If you want a small more in-depth analysis and strategy of poker, please visit

InterPoker Rakeback: For Deals That would Roll You Over

January 27th, 2011 Comments off

InterPoker Rakeback: For Deals That would Roll You Over

Poker is apparently one of the choicest options when it comes to measuring the behavior of online gamers worldwide – surpassing other well loved games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Mahjong. Browse through the Internet for online casinos and you will meet many of them offering their unique offerings to attract punters pleased-go-lucky in the world. Now, what attracts online gamers the most is the rakeback is offered by the supplier of games. The most profitable rakeback offers, the greater the number of players who will make a straight line to register on the site. InterPoker is a provider of such online games which makes it the most attractive offers to attract a greater number of players. Registration InterPoker Rakeback allows a player to 30% rakeback with a 100% bonus up to $ 200.

With InterPoker, you are entitled to a welcome deposit bonus of 200% up to $ 1000 for U.S. players and £ 650 for players in the UK on downloading the poker software . At InterPoker, the rake is determined by two pot size and number of players involved in the game Those are the most loyal fans will certainly know that poker rakeback deals offered by InterPoker are very profitable and worth joining . But not everything there are advantages InterPoker rakeback. If a player is able to win six consecutive hands, he or she can have a jackpot of £ 10,000. Besides, there are a bunch of other incredible promotions and offers exciting professional poker tournament avid fans alike. In fact, the deals were designed to leave something to pick up, even if you’re not a smashing win in tournaments and this uniqueness InterPoker is all about.

Do you play poker for fun or for the money and you don`t use rakeback ? You are already loosing then.Go to and choose the best poker rakeback deal that suits you !

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