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Dozen poker releases its Flop products for June 2009

January 9th, 2011 Comments off

Dozen poker releases its Flop products for June 2009

Flop Poker Room
World 3D Poker

The interface in 3-D is not offset the low traffic, nearly non-existent customer service and a stunning lack bonuses and promotions.
If this were not enough, the World Poker 3D site is currently down until further notice.

Thank you, World Poker 3D for confirming our review Flop.

Flop Poker Player
Marco Liesy

We do not suffocate trying to flame anyone, but if you want to be a tournament player serious poker you have to show consistent success. German Marco “Kill Bill” Lisey has the least performance against anyone in his league. Given the fact that it is a serious poker player since the age of 17, he has earned our Player of the Month Flop achieving brilliantly …

Flop Poker Event

Chicago Live Poker

While some events are booming, other events do show any significant action.
Chicago Live Flop Poker is part of the month. Although we give a small credit for this event as part of the profits is given to charity.

Movie Flop Poker

Deal p

plot weak, slow and insufficient places “Deal” on the top of the flop movie reviews. I never want to play a game of poker that has the atmosphere of this film.

Flop Poker Bonus


> How can we at least poker rooms Well loved expect to succeed by offering one of the lowest sign-up bonus? Only if she aspires to succeed in getting our title Flop Bonus Month.

If this were not enough, other bonuses to be achieved, making the process too hard and time consuming.

Flop Poker Rakeback

Pacific Poker

Surprisingly, with a 25% rakeback, veteran of Pacific Poker Rating Flop this month that offers much more lucrative rakeback can be performed at smaller operators. Ancient is not always golden, sometimes ancient is just … ancient.

Flop Poker Network

Everleaf network game

Flop Poker Community

Student Poker Community

While providing updated news reasonable, which is supposed to be a network poker, and as such it must have a bit of traffic. The “community” in the title of this network is supposedly more wishful thinking than anything else, and he did not even have a chat feature.

Flop Poker Blog

Astafy’s Poker Life

> Where do I start? With poor design or poor editing skills of budding blogger?
What this blog given our title Flop was the amount of patience and knowledge not only of industry but Asaf himself, with his incoherent ramblings, mixing her personal life with what seems to be a attempt to provide real life advice on bankroll management. Nuff said.

The Importance of Online Poker Rakeback

November 29th, 2010 Comments off

The Importance of Online Poker Rakeback

rakeback poker room online is essential for any serious poker player. Whether you spend a few hours a week playing online poker for recreational purposes or many hours playing it as a way to earn extra income, it is absolutely essential that you register for an offer rakeback to maximize high your income and get the most for your money!

For those of you who do not know what rakeback is, here’s a quick explanation of rakeback system available to poker players who are smart about it.

rooms online poker make money taking rake from each pot. This is generally about 5% of the pot that does not sound like much. But if one considers the number of pots you’ll play on your online poker career, this amount may rise to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Here’s how rakeback. When you sign up for rakeback at a poker room for qualification, you are paid a percentage of your rake directly into the poker account with this piece. This money is usually paid into your account once a week and is available to be played with or removed without delay that you want.

Rakeback is not available to all poker rooms, so if you want access to this special offer, you must register for a poker room online that offers players an account rakeback.

A room with a large bedroom on Phil Laak is rakeback online poker -. Unabomber Poker When you sign up through a rakeback provider you can get Unabomber rakeback poker paid directly into your account at an impressive rate of 33%. This is one of the highest rates available anywhere in online poker.

There’s more excellent news about rakeback too. It can also be combined with sign up bonus poker and other promotions run by the poker room. This combination of promotions, poker bonuses and rakeback means that you can get the maximum benefits and payments from a poker room, reducing the cost of playing poker at nearly zero.

If you are currently playing poker without rakeback, you could be missing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional revenue of poker. It is now time to register and leave poker rakeback you pay!