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Can I Get Paid to Play Poker?

December 31st, 2010 Comments off

Can I Get Paid to Play Poker?

Yes, you can get paid for your poker game time. Rakeback works as a poker site gives you a percentage of your rake paid back to you table. Some sites do this automatically, sometimes you need to go through an affiliate.

poker rooms usually takes a 5% up to $ 3 from each pot, and this is called the “rack”. You’ll often see being taken and stacked at the top of the table poker site you play on. But many sites you are able to obtain a certain percentage of the rake back.

This is where the affiliate rakeback happens if you join a poker room through a rakeback affiliate you can also join the 1000’s of other players delight in already rakeback. Rather than keeping the entire commission, as an incentive to keep players playing on a site, they are paid a large part of this commission, known as rakeback. It varies from 20 to 40% depending on the site. One site offers 27% rake back is said that every month they’ll give you a credit to your account 27% of everything you’ve contributed to the commission. It’s essentially a loyalty bonus.

The strategy is to learn to play a series of tables at once (8-16), play very tight, and let the terrible players dump their money out of you. Here is an example of rakeback you can do. If you were to play 16 tables 0.25/.50 blinds (No Limit full ring) for 8 hours / day you will earn about $ 450 per week rakeback. You’d be surprised how many people got to live.

Even the players pay only $ 500 a month in rake can receive $ 1800 a year back by signing up for a rakeback offer of 30%. As you can see it immediately adds up, and if you have not already received an offer rakeback you are missing out on a lot of money for free!

If you play for money, and you expect to play for a long period, it is absolutely smart to sign through a rakeback site. I personally recommend because they offer the highest commissions and I’ve never had a problem with them in recent years. You can view them by visiting the link below. Earning rakeback is simple, it’s free and you can add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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